Frederic Kalinke CV

My timeline so far.

Aged 14-18

Sold fish on Brighton Beach, sold driveways door-to-door, put up marquees, laboured on building sites.

Aged 19-20

During Gap Year, worked at Next selling suits and then managed a high street clothes store.

Developed a better transparent and personalised bonus scheme for clothes chain. It made money and got adopted by HQ.

Aged 21-25

Went to university to study PPE and a Master’s in International Economics. Won some academic prizes.

Co-wrote a book. Set up Wisdomap to help people learn through technology.

Aged 26

Graduated from Oxford. Took over local salad bar while I applied to Google.

Developed the Fast Lane (think Speedy Boarding for eateries) that increased demand and supply.

Joined Google and learnt all things digital marketing and helped hundreds of businesses in the process.

Won Google’s ‘Most Valued Contributor’ award. Developed and scaled Alchemy. Got a patent for Radius.

Aged 28

Left the Googleplex and became a freelance consultant for several businesses.

Pioneered use of video testimonials and animations for Search Engine Optimisation.

Set up Convertd Digital Marketing School to teach Executive Boards, Advertising Agencies, Law Firms, Venture Capitalists though workshops about digital marketing. Also began the Convertd Digital Marketing blog to teach Google through Analogies.

Aged 29

Joined Digital Animal, a client, to build the world’s most intelligent referral marketing system. Currently heading up data-driven Consulting Team of five marketing analyst.

Building and optimising personalised, dynamic marketing solutions for Retail, Insurance, Telecoms and Finance.

Aged 31

Promoted to Managing Director. Rebranded business to Amigo.

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