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Getting and Keeping interviews the brightest marketers and salespeople. We dig into what makes them successful, their mental models, their book recommendations, their systems and processes, their technology stacks and other things that keep them gunning.

Converting the next generation of university graduates: Understand Google workshops in Birkbeck and University College London

It’s been a busy start to the year for Convertd. On the 14th January, I delivered the Understand Google workshop as part of Birkbeck’s Readiness for Work program. Five days later I was at University College London (UCL) doing the same for the Advertising, Marketing...

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3 Reasons why Great Online Businesses are like your Favourite Restaurant (and why Google cares).

Everybody has their favourite place to eat. It might be that cafe on the corner that offers one thing but cooks it to perfection. Or that little gem you find on holiday where mama’s cuisine tastes so good you end up eating there every night. Although a lot is said...

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Creative Disruptor: How Xero has transformed accounting and Small Business operations forever. A conversation with Gary Turner, Xero Managing Director, UK.

Creative destruction. Sounds pretty menacing doesn’t it? But don’t fear - rejoice! Innovation should be celebrated as it makes the world a better place. In 1942, the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter described a process of ‘industrial mutation that incessantly...

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What do Fishing and Football have in common with Google Adwords? (spoiler: Jose Mourinho’s Search Tactics Revealed).

I love to teach using analogies. I do this because they make unfamiliar concepts familiar. They are also memorable. It’s no surprise that Steve Jobs used analogies to introduce Apple products to the market. Or to learn that Ford Motor’s assembly line was conceived...

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