We love to learn and we love to teach.

Our courses break seemingly complicated concepts into small digestible chunks and explain them using analogies. This is because analogies are both effective and memorable.

Over the past couple of months we’ve written a set of blog posts which explain AdWords, Keyword planning, Match Types, Conversion paths, Google Analytics, Website Optimisation through discussions about imperialism, airports, restaurants, football and fishing.

Sounds eclectic but ignore them at your peril! They work.

We should know as we used them when coaching hundreds of businesses while working at Google.

Nobody can afford to be naive anymore – digital ignorance is not bliss. Just ask the skeletons of companies that have failed to keep up with the times despite dominating their industries.

To not understand how Google’s Products Work is to not understand modern business.

We’ve decided to collect all of our published and forthcoming blog posts into an eBook called How Google’s Products Work. Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg have done a smashing job in charting the rise of Google and the unique culture it has created. But the world needs a succinct overview of Google’s products and how best to understand and use them.