A digital marketing workshop teaching you all you need to know, delivered in two hours by an ex-Googler.

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For MBA Students

We specialise in teaching MBA students. In two hours, MBA students learn practical insider knowledge, tips and shortcuts to complement a theoretical business school education, leaving them ready to land a dream job and thrive.

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For Management Consultancies

We teach management consultants so they understand how digital marketing impacts their clients. The workshop usually takes place at team offsites.

For Private Investors and Venture Capitalists

We also train investment firms. Understanding digital helps Private Equity and VC associates improve investment decisions and portfolio management.

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We’re Convertd, a digital marketing school that comes to you.

We’ve been tooling up MBA students, Management Consultants and Private Equity and Venture Capitalists since 2010.

Building on our experience of working at Google, we’ve developed the two-hour Convertd workshop, based on our interactions with hundreds of businesses.





Digital ignorance is not bliss

Google has changed business. To not understand how it works or what it can do, is to not fully understand modern business.

Our Convertd Workshop will equip you with the knowledge to not only fully exploit Google’s products but also understand digital marketing.

You will learn the differences between online and traditional advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords, Display Networks, Mobile and YouTube as well as Data Analytics. And you’ll have an understanding of digital marketing’s key concepts.

The Convertd Workshop has been written by a former Googler and is based on his interactions with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is highly interactive and has gained plaudits from MBA students, Management Consultants, Private Equity analysts and Venture Capitalists.


Our Understand Google course gives you answers.

And after one day with us, you’ll be asking all the right questions.

Digital World

Why digital?
First we set the scene by reviewing why digital advertising is so powerful compared with traditional offline forms.

Drive Img

What is Google?
We explore the founding of Google. Understanding their mission enables you to get the most out of their products.

Google search

How do I get on page one?
We review what the Google Search engine loves when it indexes websites, covering site architecture and content

 Adwords Img

How to master Adwords?
We explore Search Engine Marketing and dispel common myths like the fact that it isn’t just money that gets you to the top.

 YouTube Img

What’s Display, Mobile and YouTube?
We cover other forms of digital advertising like Display, Mobile and YouTube and the key factors for success.

Grad Img

What do I get when I graduate?
Each participant will receive brilliant end of course materials for all the topics covered.



Over 500 people trained.

We are proud of our track record of teaching over five hundred professionals.

“Frederic has been absolutely key to our business in coaching our Executive Management, Advocacy Analysts, and Engineering team on what Google does and how it impacts modern business. His simple explanation and enthusiasm is infectious. Get him in, you won’t regret it!”

Mike Adam

Technology Entrepreneur

“Convertd has changed the way my business markets itself, especially how it uses YouTube. We have filmed a set of video testimonials which are now top of Google Search for key terms in our sector. The UG course has proved invaluable to understanding business in the digital age.”

David Hilliard

Mentor Europe, Chief Executive

“Frederic came into our London law firm and gave his course to a group of our media lawyers. His mastery of Google’s technology and how it impacts online advertising added to our expertise in helping clients navigate the ever-changing world of digital advertising and media”.

Charles Swan

Head of Advertising, Swan Turton

“I enrolled on the UG course to help sell our advertising technology to brands. Frederic was brought in to teach us about Google and digital marketing. The course was eye opening – I had no idea of the power of Google and it has really helped me articulate the product to the market.”

Paulo Riber

Business Development

Want to Understand digital marketing in 2 hours?

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